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We have always been and always will be nurtured by Nature/Mama Earth. The more we tune in and connect with Her, She reveals her wisdom and gives guidance on how to integrate all she has to offer us - Mind, Body, & Spirit. The more in harmony we are with Nature, the higher the frequency we can embody on this earth, to share with one another, and raise the entire vibration of humanity. I am dedicated to be a living example and guide for people all over the world into living more consciously and becoming more self-sufficient; From your thoughts, your habits, what you put in/on your body, to how you connect to yourself, others, and the earth. I also help with making a smoother transition from the Standard American Diet into an Plant-based/Alkaline Vegan Lifestyle providing many yummy recipes and essential herbs, super plant foods, & tips! My inspiration comes from not only from indigenous wisdom from my own background, but traveling all over the world, staying with locals/getting back to the roots, & reconnecting with the earth. I practice many of the beloved Dr. Sebi's teachings of his mucus-eliminating diet to reverse and prevent illness and disease. My brand is motivated to inspire and empower others on how everything starts and ends within, and to remind you of the infinite & formless being you've always been! I learned how important it is to maintain balance (mind, body, & spirit) for best performance and overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Thank you for your love and support of my brand!


02/25/02 - 12/01/12
Rest in Paradise

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