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Service Description

Intuitive sessions for the body, mind, and soul. Here in this space, we will explore and get to the root cause of any spiritual, emotional, or physical misalignments. We offer wisdom to break down physical ailments in the body while offering indigenous herbs to help aid the process. All while getting to the emotional and spiritual blockages of the manifested illness in the body. It is important be aware of all the aspects of our being (physical, emotional, spiritual) and how they all play a part on how we embody life here in our human experience. Our spiritual journey is very sacred and should be honored in all aspects. This goes from what we allow into our inner world and our temples that all come together for our overall health and wellness. All herbs, herbal capsules, and products are harvested and specially crafted directly by us in the beautiful mountains and waters of the Caribbean. With a consultation, one is able to get all herbs and herbal packages at a discount of 15% off. This is a safe, loving, and sacred space where we honor all parts of ones journey, so feel free to be open with us to share, as no questions are off limits. After purchasing we ask that you send us an introductory email 1) To schedule a time with us. 2) Explaining any ailments or topics you'd like to discuss so we can prepare and maximize your time with us.  Many blessings Different types of consultations: 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes, and 1 Hour.

Cancellation Policy

Please email us directly

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Syracuse, NY, USA

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