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This bundle contains the Flawless Skincare Bundle and any Herbal Capsule of your choosing. (Seamoss, Cellular Cleanse, Revitalize (Iron), Zen (Anxiety, Insomnia, Hormonal), Flow ( Menstrual, PCOS, Fibroids, Fertility), Gut Relief, and Nourish (102 Minerals, Multiitamin)

Sizes are:  Sample (30 Capsules), 120 Capsules, or 240 Capsules 


Majestica's Flawless Bundle: Lavender & Seamoss Facial Soap, Sea Minerals Mist Toner, Heal, & Moisturize.


Check out the items individually to see the in depth benefits of each ingredient!

Flawless Bundle & Any Herbal Capsule Bundle

PriceFrom $56.00

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