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This bundle contains Any Herbal Capsule, Herbal Tea, and Seamoss of your choosing. (Seamoss, Cellular Cleanse, Revitalize (Iron), Zen (Anxiety, Insomnia, Hormonal), Flow ( Menstrual, PCOS, Fibroids, Fertility), Gut Relief, and Nourish (102 Minerals, Multiitamin)

Sizes are:  Sample (30 Capsules), 120 Capsules, or 240 Capsules 

Herbal Teas are 2 OZ, Except Kalawalla is 1 OZ

Seamoss sizes are 4 OZ

Imported directly from Jamaica! Raw, Wildcrafted, & Authentic (With rock connection!) Natural seamoss can vary in color from deep purple, with some strands of light purple and gold. Nature is unique, and we love that about it!

Herbal Teas are 2 OZ



Check out the items individually to see the in depth benefits of each ingredient!

Any Herbal Capsule, Herbal Tea, + Seamoss Bundle

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