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Powerful Indigenous Offerings

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We have always been and always will be nurtured by Mama Earth. The more we tune in and connect with Her, She reveals her wisdom and gives guidance on how to integrate all she has to offer us - Mind, Body, & Spirit. The more in harmony we are with Nature, the higher the frequency we can embody on this earth, to share with one another, and raise the entire vibration of humanity.


All of our indigenous offerings are:

100% Wildcrafted & Authentic

Sustainably Sourced, Harvested, and Handmade directly by us. 

We are deeply connected to the herbs we provide and have created a beautiful relationship with the land and these offerings.

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Intuitive Sessions


Intuitive sessions for the body, mind, and soul. Here in this space, we will explore and get to the root cause of any spiritual, emotional, or physical misalignments. We offer wisdom to break down physical ailments, offering indigenous herbs to help aid the process, all while getting to the emotional/spiritual blockages of the manifested illness in the body. It is important be aware of all the aspects of our being (physical, emotional, spiritual) and how they all play a part on how we embody life here in our human experience. Our spiritual journey is very sacred and should be honored in all aspects. This goes from what we allow into our inner world and our temples that all come together for our overall health and wellness

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